My name is Debbie Gentry and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Thank you for visiting my website and taking time out of your busy life to consider working with me as your therapist. My journey as a therapist has offered me the privilege of working with both individuals and couples in all types of situations. I have worked in an inpatient psychiatric hospital; I’ve sat at the bedside of many hospice patients and their families; I’ve worked with couples who are miserable in their relationship, friendships that are at the point of breaking, and parents and their adult children who can’t seem to get along. I’ve worked with alcoholism and drug abuse and know all too well the path of depression and/or anxiety that often leads to unhealthy ways of coping.

Throughout my years of working with folks, I have learned – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that we all are born with inherent worth and the right to dignity. Sometimes, though, we encounter experiences along the way that cause us to question our self-worth. If these experiences are severe or long-lasting enough, our self-worth can “go into hiding” fearing further rejection or ridicule. When this happens, we may believe we have no self-worth and look to others for validation or to substances to numb the pain this lack of self-worth causes.

I believe that with help, self-worth and dignity can “re-emerge” if these three dynamics are present: 1) a safe space in order to explore your life without fear of rejection or ridicule; 2) acceptance of who you are by a therapist who is invested in helping you grow and 3) support as you embark on this journey of discovering your authentic self.

If you are ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery, I would be honored to support you along the way as you head toward greater emotional and relational connection and fulfillment.

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Fort Collins, CO 80526


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